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In 2014 Brandelyn Green embarked on a journey to connect women of color to the best hairstylists and hairstyles. After doing some research and finding talented stylists online, she founded Voice Of Hair, a media platform that helps women navigate their hair journey with social media content, featured stylists and website articles.

While growing the Voice Of Hair community to over 1,000,000+ on Instagram and Facebook, women constantly asked Brandelyn for product recommendations that would moisturize and grow their hair. After years of focus groups, surveys and conversations with our online community she was able to develop PureFix by Voice Of Hair. This product was carefully formulated with natural and essential oils that are known to promote growth and penetrate the hair shaft to deliver maximum moisture, nourishment and length retention.

As a mother and a wife, it was important for Brandelyn to create a product that was safe and effective for the whole family to enjoy. This is why Pure Fix Hair Elixir is 100% vegan, paraben free, mineral oil free and sulfate-free. We hope you love it as much as we do.

If you are struggling with dry hair, brittle hair or hair that won’t grow we have the PureFix!