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Watch How This Stylist Transforms with VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir

Aiasha Seiko, Hairstylist | @aiashaseiko

A Few Reasons to Use PureFix

6-in-1 Treatment

VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir is a 6-in-1 hair and scalp treatment. Our ingredients work together to support longer, stronger hair by sealing in moisture. Here are 6 ways our product works to strengthen your hair:

  • - Length & Retention: Moisturizes and nourishes hair to support healthier hair
  • - Scalp Soother & Repair: Helps prevent and treat dry, flaky scalp
  • - Moisturizer: Seals in moisture and helps create shiny hair by penetrating the hair follicle
  • - Prevents Split Ends: Helps to create a barrier against the environment to support length retention
  • - Frizz Tamer: Coats hair follicles to keep frizz away
  • - Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Can be used as a hot oil treatment or pre-shampoo treatment


Safe for the Enitre Family

VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir is an all natural product, created with nature's finest ingredients. Because of this, you can use it on yourself or your child. We of course, recommend that you do a patch test on a small area of your hair to ensure there are no allergic reactions, as everyone's skin is different.


It Really Works

The ingredients in the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir were carefully selected because of they each contain properties that support hair growth, moisturization or hair retention.