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Satin Lined Shower Cap
Satin Lined Shower Cap
Satin Lined Shower Cap

Satin Lined Shower Cap

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This is the perfect shower cap for kinky, curly, loc'd or straight hair! Our adjustable, satin-lined shower cap is made from high quality materials to ensure the ultimate shower experience.  This shower cap helps prevent moisture for getting in and ruining your curls/kinks/strands as well as preventing moisture from escaping.  No more walking out of a hot shower with ruined hair!

Our signature satin lined shower cap:

  • Satin Lined: The interior of this shower cap is lined with high quality satin, that allows your hair glide effortlessly across.  Perfect for curly girls or relaxed beauties.
  • Adjustable Strap: The adjustable strap makes this cap large enough for big, thick hair. It can also be adjusted to fit children as well!
  • Double Layers: Made from high quality PVC on the the outside and soft, luxurious satin on the inside
  • Large in Size: This satin lined shower cap features the flexibility to expand 33cm in diameter, and is designed to fit most heads of hair!
  • Reversible & Multi-Functional: This shower cap can also be used as a deep conditioning cap! Simply turn your cap inside out and ensure the plastic is on the inside and use it for hot oil or other conditioning treatments.

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