PureFix Hair Elixir


I'm a breast cancer survivor and when I started using VOH, I was bald, I'm happy that my hair is growing. I haven't needed the shower cap as yet, nor the brush, however I gave the brush to my daughter who wears her hair natural.

I love this product and will continue to use it. Please consider making a larger size.

Elga W. Verified Buyer

It really works

I’ve been using it and I see my hair coming back.

Darlene G.Verified Buyer

Amazingly Great!

I love the oil. It smells really good. It really moisturizes and soothes my scalp and hair. I have seen tremendous results. I use it 3-4 times and week. The oil is absolutely amazing! I have ordered atleast 10 bottles so far. I plan on continuing this product for as long as i can.

Alyeh G. Verified Buyer

The Best Bet

I really like my bottle; it just went too fast. I’m disappointed that I didn’t order more at one time. I have Four heads in my home and I guess they all know about Voice of Hair and they helped use it up. Thanks so much I will be ordering soon.

Carolyn J.Verified Buyer

Renewed moisture to my hair!!

For the past few years, I have noticed that my hair has gotten frizzy and dry. After much research, I learned that I should stop washing my hair so much and was also curious to try this oil. I use it weekly a few hours before I wash my hair. I put it all over my ponytail and let it sit like a mask. Then I wash it out with my weekly shampoo. I immediately started to notice less frizz and breakage. I've been so happy with it that I recommended it to my mother too!

Lauren Perkins U.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I been using this every since the day I bought it. My hair has stayed dry & brittle at every given moment. It was shedding and just doing it’s on thing. But God, I saw it on fb I believe. Then I thought about it. Maybe it’s just like the rest won’t do just what they say. Low & behold I tried it for myself. As you can see for yourself the glow and softness of how voice of hair has made my hair look. I highly recommend this to all my friends & family. I promise you. You will never regret it.

Sharon CVerified Buyer

5 Stars

I see signs of hair growth....I could not believe the difference in length of my hair...I could not bread it. But now I can bread it

Paula J.Verified Buyer

This product works!

I was thinning real badly in my hair especially in the middle. My beautician suggested Voice of hair elixir. In two months I’m seeing extreme great results and my hair is growing back much thicker as well. I love this hair elixir.

Mishell A.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

My hair had broke off so bad around the edges and the growth had stopped due to steroids in some medications I had to take, but I tried Voice Of Hair and within 6 weeks my hair has gotten stronger and has grown about 3 to 4 inches. I love this product because it really does work.(True story) and the amazing thing about this product is , it does not have a bad smell like some of those other products I've bought that not only smelled bad but did not work. If you wanna see results try this product it is amazing and I highly recommend it. Try it you'll see. Sincerely.

Cynthia S.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I usually have a short haircut but was experiencing some breakage in the front and side of my hairline. So far the elixir seems to be working and I’m very happy!

Rhonda R.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I have been using it for about 6months I had a bald spot so I was looking for someone to regrow my hair I came across this this product I haven't stop using it i recommended this product to my coworkers and they all seen results thank you

Maxine C.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

This is 6 months of growth! I absolutely love this product. It's made my hair so much more manageable and my scalp healthier.

NieshaVerified Buyer

5 Stars

This was a bald spot 4+years

The Voice of Hair will forever be a regular part of my daily routine.....I am Thankful and Greatful

Maralia N.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

This is my second bottle and it seems to be working I really like the smell of it makes my hair very soft I can actually see The difference .It is starting to Fill in thank you so much for your product

Rosslyn S.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

My hair was dry, brittle and my edges were bald. I literally watched my hair grow, my edges are no longer bald. My hair is soft and has a shine. I’m enjoying my hair journey.

Patricia L.Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I have alopecia in the center of my head I see hair growing in I couldn't wear my hair up didn't have a lot in center but I can wear it down some still real thin but it's getting there

Gloria M.Verified Buyer

Great product

This product works great for my daughter's hair.

Gordon W Verified Buyer


Its good grew my hair and sides thicker as well

Mila C.Verified Buyer

Great product

Smells wonderful I’m enjoying my beautiful new growth. Thanks

Sharon H.Verified Buyer


This product has enhanced my hair extensively

Angie C.Verified Buyer

Love it

I would recommend this to anybody...I love it!!!

Aseneth L.Verified Buyer

Great product

I am pleased with this product it does what has to be done. The growth showed in about a week.
I will say if you need help with growth this is a good product to use.

Deloris N.Verified Buyer

Great product

I’m on my 2nd bottle and I see much growth. I’m very satisfied with this product. I will continue to order.

Sasha-lee P.Verified Buyer

Great product

I have baby fine hair even at my older age and oils too heavy can make my hair look even more thin. This oil is perfect and smells amazing. My hair is growing and I am so happy to have a product that works.

Dorenda D.Verified Buyer

Enjoy this product to

Sense I’ve been using this product, my hair edges are growing back very nicely. This product help with my dry hair. I will always keep this product in my life.

Virginia J.Verified Buyer

Love it!!

This is the only product that is growing my daughters hair. We love it

Mrs. L.Verified Buyer

Thicker Hair

My hair has gotten much thicker within 4 weeks! I love the product. I always buy 3 to 5 bottles of the Elixir!

Detter W.Verified Buyer